We see the world as we are

“The mind, that once pushed its boundaries, will never come into the former ones”.

A. Einstein

We are creating the interactive Uttpic platform, that will allow every user to instantly get fair and live ratings in all areas of arts and human creation, enjoy the masterpieces and not spend any time on a long search and consummation of the content that does not contribute to your development.

We want to change the lifestyle of every user regardless of sex, age, nationality, skin color or religion. We want to make the world kinder, wiser, more educated and honest.

We see the world as we are.

At least one user becomes more perfect - the whole world does too.


  • Seamlessly keep your favorite people updated with your current preferences in arts, culture, and entertainment
  • Explore your friends' highest rated content
  • Find new kindred spirits in any part of the globe
  • Instantly Get millions of real, live, presently relevant, and customizable world ratings in all areas of human creativity to your taste!
  • Increase the number of genres and get experts’ opinion in each of them
  • Systematize artworks for later acquaintance
  • Build your personal ratings each change in which influences the world’s ratings
  • Get the playbill of events and premiers!
  • Discover your idols’ and friends’ ways of self-development
  • Raise the children on the best examples of world’s creativity
  • Travel with the best tourist routes and never miss sights truly worth a visit
And this is a non-exhaustive list of benefits you can get!
Improve your lifestyle every day!
Broaden your mind! Admire the masterpieces! In a word - see utter picture of the world and change it with every action!


Our core team consists of just the founder Artem Tkachuk so far. He is a senior student @ Berkeley studying Computer Science & Applied Mathematics, but he also has a strong entrepreneurial spirit!


Early beta is under rapid development, stay tuned!

We are working diligently to bring our vision to reality. We will be making announcements once there is a beta trial released. We are excited to have you try our platform. Don't forget to sign up for updates on the homepage. Twitter: @Uttpic

See you soon!